Storydoing Is Just As (If Not More) Important As Storytelling.

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The strategy of storytelling to sell and market a product, brand or service has been in use for thousands of years and smart companies are using technology to great effect, but when you consider that every 60 secs, 700,000 Google searches are performed, 5.3 trillion ads are shown online each year, and the average consumer processes 100,500 words daily, you begin to understand the importance of tearing through the clutter with not just stories that matter, but actions that do too.

Leveraging our human love of storytelling has proven very effective, but what also matters now suggests Ty Montague, ex ad man and author of True Story: ‘How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business’, is ‘storydoing‘. His advice to brands: “People don’t buy products; they take actions that help advance their own personal metastory, and sometimes buying and using your product is one of those actions.”

Patagonia is a perfect example of this concept executed brilliantly. As an innovator and risk taker, Founder Yves Chouinard built a business 40 years ago out of a tiny blacksmith shop that developed clothing and gear inspired by his love of the outdoors. An avid climber, surfer and tinkerer, he takes large amounts of time off, believes that employees should manage themselves, and recently took out a full-page ad in the New York Times telling you not to buy his products. By being the epitome of what his company stands for, his company has swelled to 1,350 employees and $540 million in annual revenue, contributing to countless stories along the way.

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