Artificial Intelligence Is Being Designed To Make Us More Human, Not Less.

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Advancements in AI are moving us closer to a reality where computers are so intelligent that they’re capable of conducting human-like reasoning and conversations. On the tail end of Gigaom Change 2016 last week where 30+ keynote panelists (all industry experts) converged to showcase  7 key enterprise technologies changing the future of business, questions being asked were:

  • What new opportunities does AI open up for business leaders?
  • What does it take to be a cognitively savvy organization?
  • Is general AI, a human-level adaptive thinker even possible? If so, when will you see it?

It was clear that artificial intelligence is being consciously designed by visionaries such as Rob High (VP + CTO IBM Watson) to make us more human – not less. Companies like CognitiveScale are using machine intelligence to provide revolutionary ecommerce insights, envisioning a world in which we become so amplified, augmented by intelligence that we evolve from homo sapiens to homo digitalis. “It’s not man vs machine. It’s man and machine.” Manoj Saxena—Executive Chairman, CognitiveScale. Peter Stone, author of the recently released Stanford #AI100 study pondered, how will#AI affect how we work, live & play? 

Interestingly, the dialogue opening up around #AI increasingly highlights the technology as a tool for augmenting human interaction. In the workplace for example it’s being used as a tool to create quick feedback loops that are increasing productivity by as much as 20%.

The genius of AI is not the technical expertise but how humans will use it to transform systems & processes.

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