Better Work: Droids Probably Will Take Your Job But Is It A Bad Thing?

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“In the world that we’re creating very quickly, we’re going to see more and more things that look like science fiction and fewer and fewer things that look like jobs. Yes, probably, droids will take our jobs — or at least the kinds of jobs we know now, but in a world where it is just about as easy to generate an object as it is to print a document, we have amazing new possibilities. The people who used to be craftsmen and hobbyists are now makers, and they’re responsible for massive amounts of innovation. And artists who were formerly constrained can now do things that were never, ever possible for them before.

Once the androids start doing jobs, we don’t have to do them anymore, and we get freed up from drudgery and toil. This gives us the chance to imagine an entirely different kind of society, a society where the creators and the discoverers and the performers and the innovators come together with their patrons and their financiers to talk about issues, entertain, enlighten, provoke each other. We are seeing an amazing flourishing taking place.”

In this insightful TED talk, Economist and Management Theorist Andrew McAfee presents a very balanced view of what future jobs might look like, how to educate coming generations to hold them and what it means for all of us.

Image: James Duncan Davidson

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