Blurring Digital And Reality: So, Who Are We Really?

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Who are we, really? “We are collectively the most documented human beings who have ever lived on earth”, with technology giving us unprecedented insights into that very question. Personal trackers have become all the rage (witness the wild success of Fitbit and Apple Watch), the Quantified Self movement has officially ‘arrived’, and even when we’re long gone we can get Google to flick a ‘death switch‘ that ensures in the afterlife we can still maintain a carefully curated digital presence for loved ones. Tracking ourselves is not some kind of new trend, it’s now recognized as a deeper way to evaluate the ‘self’; self-awareness, self-measurement, self-reflection – all in real-time data analytics.

“A full 88% of Xers and Ys agree (30%) or somewhat agree (58%) that personal tracking and documenting Web sites and devices (such as Fitbit, the Nike+ FuelBand, and the Jawbone UP) have made them more self-aware, and 64% say technology makes them a better person. Personal data is becoming a compelling new lens through which to view ourselves, backed up by metrics that provide a higher level of awareness about our existence. ” —Curve Report 

According to the same report, we’ve even reached a level of intimacy with technology that may once have been shared only with our therapists… “Among those who say Google is the technology that knows them best, 39% of Xers and Ys—and 44% of men—say that Google knows them better than their spouse or partner does.”



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