Businesses Are Being Driven To Become Social Capitalists.

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We’re seeing the formation of entirely new business models, as well as bold new platforms that negate or disintermediate traditional structures altogether, from Wikipedia to Airbnb and Lyft Rides, to Kickstarter and Bitcoin. What does this all mean and what’s coming next? The rise of a human era that places value on a life meaningfully lived based on sharing, trust and collaboration vs ownership, control and accumulation. As we move to a “stakeholder” view of our world, businesses are being driven to become social capitalists, thinking beyond the function they provide to claim a bigger, more culturally relevant purpose, giving all those who interact a greater sense of belonging, mission and loyalty.

“If you’re still seeing your business essentially as a giant factory producing outputs, instead of a system that creates real, positive human outcomes, you’re still stuck in the industrial age, while the rest of the world, especially your customers, are beginning to take a quantum leap into what I call a human age, an era where a life meaningfully well lived is what really counts.” —Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Labs

Image: Gregory Dees author of “The Meaning of ‘Social Entrepreneurship’”

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