Changing The Game: Viv Will Fulfill Your Future Needs And Desires.

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In 2014, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)—considered the world’s largest association of technology professionals with 400,000 members—released a report detailing 23 game changing technologies that will impact all of us by 2022. Nanotechnology is allowing us to build ninja particles that can enter the human body without us even knowing. Another focuses on the dichotomy behind the need for advanced cyber-security tools against the demand for personal privacy. One of the biggest of all are the advances in AI that are moving us closer to a reality where computers are so intelligent that they’re capable of conducting human-like reasoning and conversations.

“Siri co-founders and a small team of engineers at a stealth startup called Viv Labs claim to be on the verge of realizing an advanced form of AI. Whereas Siri can only perform tasks that Apple engineers explicitly implement, this new program, they say, will be able to teach itself, giving it almost limitless capabilities. Generating its own code on the fly, no programmers required, Viv is an open system that will let innumerable businesses and applications become part of its boundless brain. As Viv’s knowledge grows, so will its understanding; its creators have designed it based on three principles they call its “pillars”: It will be taught by the world, it will know more than it is taught, and it will learn something every day.” —Wired.


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