Civic Ecology Is An Anchor In An Era Of Disruptive Change.

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Urbanization is a global phenomenon that we’ve traditionally viewed as a social-technological process, but it is also a social-ecological process where cities are increasingly building to include biodiversity and sustainable systems that shift the ways in which we work, interact and live. As urbanization expands (remember the recent stats we quoted that have the world’s population exploding to around 9 billion by 2050?), we’re considering the impacts of cities not just on our local or global environments, but the entire biosphere of the planet and the innate ways in which nature has the ability to heal and restore. Beautifully articulated by Tim Smith, SERA Architects, that’s where Civic Ecology comes in…

The Civic Ecology whole systems framework is designed to foster a new social contract that empowers citizens to participate in the making and ‘ownership’ of their community’s resource flows.

“Drawing on research in social capital and collective efficacy, ecosystem services, social learning, governance, social-ecological systems, and other findings in the social and ecological sciences to investigate how people, practices, and communities interact, a new report titled Civic Ecology: Adaptation and Transformation from the Ground Up, by authors Marianne Krasny and Keith Tidball, has this to say: “In communities across the country and around the world, people are coming together to rebuild and restore local environments that have been affected by crisis or disaster. In New Orleans after Katrina, in New York after Sandy, in Soweto after apartheid, and in any number of postindustrial, depopulated cities, people work together to restore nature, renew communities, and heal themselves.”

Image: SERA Architects

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