Could Spirituality Be The Ultimate Corporate Advantage?

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Could spirituality be the ultimate corporate, competitive advantage? This insightful excerpt from so eloquently captures the meaning of spirituality in the workplace, and its importance to the culture of an organization, that we’ve decided to quote it for today’s post: “In order to learn what workplace spirituality is, we must first understand what it is not. Workplace spirituality has nothing to do with organized religious practices, God or any form of theology. Organizations that recognize workplace spirituality realize that people have an inner life, that they must find meaning in their work and that their work must take place in the context of community. 

People have always had a spiritual center, but the trend towards establishing and maintaining a spiritual culture in organizations is relatively new. By uniting employees with a common purpose, workplace spirituality provides organizational members with a way to counterbalance the demanding and stressful workplace environment that is commonplace today. A spiritual workplace is also beneficial for the companies that provide them. Research shows that companies with spiritual workplaces experience improved productivity and reduced turnover from their employees; further, providing a culture that embraces workplace spirituality [acknowledges] that employees want to feel like a valued member of their community, and provide ways for their members to make positive contributions to the places they work and live.”

Tom Dailey, former business executive Morgan Stanley in Chicago, has said: “I can show you statistics that say companies that view their employees in a holistic sense tend to have higher profit trajectories. It stands to reason that employees who feel more involved and cared about are likely to be more dedicated employees, and this will increase productivity.”

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