Disruption or Transformation? Now You Can Have Your Own Private Cybersecurity Firm.

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A typical car uses 10 million lines of software code to power everything from the brakes to the stereo – just one example of how today’s smart vehicles add up to one big hack attack waiting to happen. In case this sounds alarmist, no serious harm to individuals via remote takeover has yet to be recorded, but, the “success of two security researchers in remotely hacking a Jeep—and taking over its accelerator while in motion—has prompted a class-action suit, a Senate bill to require automakers to protect cars from such attacks, and a 1.4-million-vehicle recall.” The benign hackers explained that their reason for remotely taking over the vehicle was to draw attention to the vulnerabilities of IoE, and the need to ensure safety protocols across all smart devices. Even Dick Cheney had the wireless function of his new heart disconnected in 2007 to avoid the possibility of a remote attack.

So what’s the good news? You’re probably not at risk for any targeted or malicious attacks, but if knowing that isn’t enough, perhaps the idea of simplifying your existence and unburdening yourself from 24/7 self-surveillance might be just what you need.  That said, if the thought of living without your Fitbit, ChillHub or Nest devices is unthinkable,  Traversal Networks may have one answer. A new, modern home security solution, this member of the Summer Y Combinator 2015 class, “installs an appliance to monitor your network for malicious activity, then broadcasts that security data to a cloud service and has experts watching and responding to any real threats. It will act as your security department, sifting through the information that gets fed from the security appliance.”

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