From “Ego System” To Ecosystem.

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Tapping our collective capacity is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We all acknowledge that we’re facing institutional failures on a grand scale, perpetuated by what Otto Sharmer calls an ‘Ego System’ vs ‘Eco System‘; which continues to produce solutions that are anything but. So how do we intentionally design a social operating system that fosters our ability to connect, interact, sense and comprehend from a place of conscious construction? Here’s an analogy:

“A prominent violinist once said that he couldn’t simply play his violin in Chartres cathedral; he had to “play” the entire space, what he called the “macro violin,” in order to do justice to both the space and the music. Likewise, organizations need to perform at this macro level: they need to convene the right sets of players (frontline people who are connected through the same value chain) and to engage a social technology that allows a multi-stakeholder gathering to shift from debating to co-creating the new.”

Working with governments, civic society and businesses around the world to co-create social innovation, Sharmer co-founded the Global Well-being and Gross National Happiness Lab — which before you dismiss as sounding somewhat hokey) — brings together innovative thinkers from developing and industrialized countries to prototype new ways of measuring well-being and social progress. Interested in learning more? Through MITx and, the bestselling author of Theory U and Presence, has created U-Lab, “a new type of social entrepreneurship MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that uses “presencing” practices of co-sensing and co-creating emerging futures, with a platform of 28,000 participants from 191 countries that collaborate through more than 350 self-organized U.Lab Hubs across countries and cultures.

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