Going Local: Voice + Exit Is Elevating The Way We Think About The Future.

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It’s estimated that approx. 20 million people attended the Panama-Pacific World’s Fair in San Francisco in 1915, looking to have their minds blown by the latest technologies that at that time, represented the beginnings of many human advancements which we now take for granted. Then came Woodstock, and with it a place to explore and express the depths of human awareness and connectedness that ultimately became a nexus for a counterculture that represented an entire generation. More that an arts festival (and with almost 70,000 attendees in 2013), Burning Man has evolved into a voluntary and temporary city that revolves around community and participation; collaboration at its finest.

While not quite as huge in numbers as some of its predecessors, Austin-based Voice + Exit is raising the bar on what to expect from festivals and conferences of the future. Intentionally designed to stimulate the optimization of human flourishing via connection and cooperation, the conference/festival hosts speakers and interactive workshops that aim to elevate the dialogue around how we can reimagine the future – discussing everything from biohacking to exponential technology to transhumanism.

“TED is interesting, Voice & Exit is life changing”. —Justin Arman, CEO My Magic Mud

What is an “Exiter”? In their own words:

  • Optimizes self through optimal health, biohacking, self-mastery, philosophical inquiry and optimal consciousness.
  • Empowers community by creating value in the form of conscious startups, organizational leadership, social entrepreneurship, or innovation.
  • Transforms the world through practical idealism — exploring new systems that give rise to human flourishing. These include alternative governance models, exponential technologies and emergent social technologies.

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