Grantcoin, A New Digital Currency With A Conscience.

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“Instead of being held hostage by the economy the government creates, why not create the economy you want to live in?” That’s the question being posed by “Grantcoin“, the new social spin-off to Bitcoin. Touted as more than just a digital currency; it’s currency with a conscience. Aimed at reducing reliance on government and outdated, institutionalized banking systems, Grantcoin have their sights set on the goal of ushering in a new, sustainable world economy by distributing grants to businesses, individuals and anyone else with a triple bottom line mandate, via P2P technology; ergo… putting power back in the hands of people. They describe it like this:

“Grantcoin is about combining the amazing technology of cryptocurrency with the highest ethics, transparency, and a mission for social good. Grantcoin is distributed by a nonprofit organization as grants to incentivize businesses and organizations that are creating a more equitable and sustainable economy, and to reward people who are making the world a better place.” —Eric Stetson, Founder and Executive Director, The Grantcoin Foundation 

How successful this new financial model becomes has yet to be measured, but once again it illustrates the very powerful call for us all to operate from a position of contribution vs extraction, and recognizes the potential dividends in doing just that.

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