How The Biggest Discovery Platform In The World Is Revolutionizing Commerce.

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Many retailers both large and small are having a tough time getting users to discover and explore their products.  There is so much choice—how do you even begin to navigate it all—and how can any one person be an expert in everything? As the Internet becomes an endless catalog, how do you help people find things? Discovery commerce ignites an emotional charge that’s key to the experience. “Why do people buy?” asks Wharton marketing professor Barbara E. Kahn, director of Wharton’s Jay H. Baker Retailing Center. “They have a need or a want …. But the [discovery] model introduces you to a new fun treasure hunt for things.”

There are now more than 4,000 discovery commerce or subscription box services in the U.S.—Birchbox and Naturebox are two of the most successful—with an estimated value of $5B and annual sales growing at roughly 200%. Just two years ago many were questioning whether this was merely a fad, but latest figures from Forrester show 6% of Americans have signed up for a subscription box, and an additional 38% are considering it. That number increases to 60% among 18-35 yr old prosumers.

More importantly… Discovery commerce has now entered the world of advertising with highly personalized and curated ‘discovery zones’ transforming ads into shopping experiences that drive engagement and action. Recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Most Disruptive Companies in the world, InMobi enables over 100 billion discovery sessions on mobile devices across a billion users every month, making it the largest discovery platform in the world – one that can be used by developers, retailers and brands alike. With Amazon India onboard for beta testing, this technology is set to revolutionize the entire shopping experience.

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