How The Landscape Of Business Changed Forever.

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“On Memorial Day 1981, as the fledgling Whole Foods Market was basically wiped out by a flood, unexpectedly, dozens of customers and neighbors showed up to help; employees worked for free (not knowing if the store would survive); suppliers resupplied on credit; investors stepped up; the Whole Foods Market’s bank loaned it money to restock; and the store reopened in 28 days” (Mary Whaley). This chain of events led to a major epiphany by CEO John Mackey that would form one of the most influential corporate movements, ever… Conscious Capitalism.

Not so long ago maximizing business growth to align with profit over purpose was the status quo for many companies. We know now that ‘for benefit’ businesses who represent the best interests of all stakeholders, and operate according to a higher purpose, are far more profitable than their traditional counterparts; purpose and profit are inextricably linked. But what John Mackey and Conscious Capitalism, Inc. cofounder Raj Sisodia created was not only a definition to describe their new tenets, but an entirely new business model now widely adopted and recognized as a blueprint for building strong businesses and helping advance capitalism further toward realizing its highest potential.

“The myth that profit maximization is the sole purpose of business has done enormous damage to the reputation of capitalism and the legitimacy of business in society. We need to recapture the narrative and restore it to its true essence: that the purpose of business is to improve our lives and to create value for stakeholders.” —John Mackey


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