Introducing One Of The Worlds New Crop Of Designers… You.

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“Mass production is out, mass customization is in.” This recent headline from a Fast Company article sums up perfectly one of the ways in which retail is getting rewired to become much more personalized. The number of options for shopping have proliferated along with the myriad ways in which we can connect with customers, but despite the digital trappings, the value exchange is still the same: If you give people want they want, they’ll return. If you don’t, they won’t. 

“These days consumers can customize everything from their own cereal (, to designing their own shoes (, and even find the perfect artwork to fit the exact space they’re decorating ( Wild Things’ Schmults says his customers can send their designs to their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to get feedback before they order. Customization has been good for business: Web sales during the first full month after the custom lines were introduced rose 230 percent over the same period the year before.” —Entrepreneur

As the demand for customization married with a digital experience increases, Polish-based Tylko have upped the ante with new software that allows for an entire furniture collection to be customized via an app and 3D printing.  The app let’s you preview your custom piece in situ so you know in both style and size it fill fit, no matter where you want to put it; shortly thereafter, it shows up on your doorstep… “Yours by design.”

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