Mark Massie & Leslie Dewan – Transatomic Power.

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There are 270,000 metric tons of waste that exist today – enough for Transatomic Power to transform into carbon-free electricity that can power the world for 72 years. Compelling, but that’s not what’s really exciting in this story. Nothing short of truly revolutionary, two graduates of the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Mark Massie & Leslie Dewan (recognized by ‘TIME 30 Under 30′, ‘Technology Review 35 Under 35′, and ‘Forbes 30 Under 30′), hatched an idea while completing their PhD’s to produce energy from nuclear waste that is “abundant, clean, reliable, environmentally friendly and cheaper than fossil fuels.” Now CTO and CEO respectively of Transatomic, the company has backing from Peter Thiel and the Founders Fund to explore feasibility of their idea over the next 3yrs which if successful, will transform energy as we know it. Here’s how it works…

“Transatomic’s Waste Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor (WAMSR), as opposed to a traditional light water nuclear reactor, utilizes uranium dissolved in a liquid salt to release up to 96 percent of the fuel in uranium and produce 2.5 percent of the waste of a traditional system. This results in a much safer, more efficient, less expensive and more sustainable way of generating power from the spent rods of light water reactors, that can take hundreds of thousands of years to deteriorate – along the way reducing those years to hundreds.”



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