Crowdsourcing A Basic Income.

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What if you didn’t have to earn a basic wage and instead just got to do what you want? Driven by the assumption that everybody has ‘crazy potential’ that could be triggered by not having to worry about income, and fed-up with the debates and conversations going nowhere around income inequalities, 29 yr-old Michael Bohmeyer created a crowdfunding start-up with the aim of funding two basic incomes for one year – one for him, and one for a lucky winner pulled from a competition in which respondents had to share what they would do with the year of freedom. The social experiment has now evolved into 11 more (and counting), amid much discussion and insight around what it means if you remove the economic pressure to work, and instead give people the opportunity to choose what they would do:

“If you look at the 1.4 million people we already have in Germany today who could rely on welfare but prefer to work even though their job doesn’t pay enough for them to make a living—I’d say we can be fairly sure that people aren’t generally looking to be lazy.” Further, “21,000 people wrote on the website what they’d do if they had the money. They aren’t looking to put their feet up. They want to continue working without having to stress so much—they’d like to volunteer more or start their own company.” The point is to “show that most everybody would do something useful with their lives if they had the money—it’s not just you. People want to contribute. You just have to let them.” —Michael Bohmeyer (excerpt from VICE)

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