Elizabeth Holmes – At The Bleeding Edge Of Medicine.

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In keeping with our regular series on ‘PYNKr’s‘ (people you need to know), this week we feature another group of individuals who are disrupting the status quo and revolutionizing our access to ideas, innovations and technologies, starting with Elizabeth Holmes. In a business world that favors males (15 percent of U.S. venture funding goes to startup teams that include a woman, and only 2.7 percent of venture funding goes to female CEOs), Holmes has stealthily built the world’s first female-led, multi-billion dollar tech company – all before turning 31.

Named one of the TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2015, she ditched Stanford a decade ago with the aim of transforming the diagnostics industry by developing blood tests that detect hundreds of conditions and diseases from a couple of drops of blood from the finger, instead of tubes of blood from a vein in the arm; Theranos (her company), is now valued at $10 billion. Believing that providing faster, more convenient and less expensive access to lab tests will ultimately save lives, and that “access to actionable health information is a basic human right”, Holmes and her team have successfully created a system that enables anyone to get lab tests—for anything from cholesterol to cancer—on his or her own at a local pharmacy for no more than half of what Medicare would pay.


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