People You Need To Know: Ertharin Cousin – Zero Hunger.

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Aiming for the audacious goal of ‘zero hunger‘, the United Nations World Food Program fed 80 million people in 2014. As the Executive Director of what is the world’s largest humanitarian organization—with approximately 13,500 staff serving over 90 million beneficiaries in 80 countries across the world—Ertharin Cousin is tasked with meeting urgent food needs and rapid deployment of resources, as well as finding long-term solutions to world hunger. Utilizing technology to tackle global food shortage, Cousin has modernized the entire approach of the WFP to streamline operations and ensure help gets where it’s needed with maximum efficiency and minimum risk. 

“An SMS and voice-call system lets the WFP assess immediate needs in distressed locations without having to send anyone there, saving time and money. (This system also allowed the WFP to safely manage the response to Ebola-impacted areas in Africa, where the WFP led logistics for the entire humanitarian community.) Another initiative provides needy people with cell-phone or bank-card e-vouchers that can be used to purchase goods from local vendors, helping inject much-needed cash into troubled economies.” —Fast Company

Believing that hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes, the WFP has also created the “Zero Hunger Challenge” so that we might all be a part of the solution. One person can and does make a difference. 


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