People You Need To Know: Mick Ebeling – Making The Impossible, Possible.

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“What if you discovered by accident that you could change the world?” Founded by Mick Ebeling, Not Impossible Labs began with crowd-sourcing technology that would allow a renowned graffiti artist and social activist suffering from ALS, the ability to create again using his eyes; which became the Eyewriter. Believing that if you help one you help many, they’ve since evolved into an open-source platform that is hacking and innovating primarily healthcare technology to solve real-world problems such as developing award-winning, low-cost ($100) 3D printed prosthetic limbs for bomb victims in the Sudan, as well as highlighting the work of other maverick doers and thinkers who are literally changing lives. As a producer, Mick Ebeling’s approach is to look at what needs to be done and figure out how to do it. As he says…

“I’m a political scientist, but I am a producer. Science isn’t my background. The reason we’ve been successful is the way in which we approach things from the perspective of a producer. A producer looks at what needs to be done regardless of whether or not they have the expertise, then figure out how to pull it off. A lot of people will attack the WHAT while we attack the WHO. That’s our focal point: we say ‘who needs this and why does it need to be made?’ Not ‘what is the syndrome and how can we help it?’ From a storytelling perspective, we are able to harness the power of the crowd and the belief in what people are doing because we tell the why and the who and people can relate to that.”

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