Pinpointing This Week: From Transactional to Relational.

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Real success is not about transacting to get what you want; real success comes from forging lasting and authentic relationships in which there is mutual interest and benefit. Might seem obvious right? But you’d be surprised how many companies still don’t understand the difference, nor the significant changes happening as we shift from a transactional society to what’s rapidly becoming a new relationship economy. As Jerry Michalski (Relationship Economy expert and founder of REXpedition) states:

“Smart companies are building authentic relationships with their customers, no longer treating them as consumers. Smart governments are figuring out how to trust their citizens by opening their data and their budgeting processes.  The surge in openness and connectivity has created a world of abundance. Many things that we thought required corporations to build are now being created collectively, at very low cost.” Ultimately, “in this new world, whom you trust and who trusts you are primary assets. You’ll choose the product (or vote for the candidate) that people you trust recommend, from among the abundant choices.”

“Today’s successful entrepreneurs are building their businesses by building relationships — and not just with other entrepreneurs, vendors and businesses, but with their customers. Lately business people aren’t just socially responsible; they are socially involved. In the relationship economy, the investment you need to make isn’t money, it’s in the relationships you have with your customers. Those relationships are the new currency.” —Forbes

This week we take a look at some of the ways in which relationships are driving change and how they’re transforming society as we know it.

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