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68% of Xers & Ys say they’re willing to give up personal information for highly personalized content made just for them, but as much as we’re opting to forgo some privacy in return for highly targeted access to information, entertainment, products and services, it also would seem there is a movement to opt out; or at the very least to reconnect with the ‘real’ things that matter. Work/life balance and the need to connect to visceral experiences is more important than ever. Corporate shamanism is gaining in popularity. Interestingly, there is also a surge in workplace spirituality, alongside more and more millennials who are seeking the meaning of life through technology, not religion. As the New Economics Foundation states:

“Values derive from somewhere. Economics simply doesn’t reflect the real world unless it recognizes that human aspirations are often higher than just getting the lowest price. That means spirituality, not just ethics. It is time to claw back the idea of business spirituality from the standards industry and think afresh about what kind of businesses can genuinely create shape the world we want to live in.”

This week we take a dive into exploring spirituality in business and how it can be a powerful tool for shaping not just your own life, but the lives of everyone.


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