Pinpointing This Week: Open Everything.

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In an age of open everything, technology has placed trust in a position to become what may be the most powerful currency of the 21st century, manifesting in many different ways:

  • In a world of instantaneous global information flow and asymmetrical power, there is no practical way to keep many of the secrets that used to remain under wraps for decades leading to pre-emptive transparency from governments, corporations and individuals.
  • At a brand level, people want and expect to have a relationship with the brands and businesses they patronize – that relationship can’t exist without trust and trust can’t exist without transparency.
  • When it comes to how we work, there is now significant awareness that the only way to solve problems of growing complexity is to work more collaboratively – and we’re actively seeking partners and alliances we can trust to help amplify our impact.
  • Then there’s the backlash against data tracking and storing with technological solutions being offered that reassert consumer rights to privacy of personal information.

As we move from secrecy as a competitive advantage to ubiquitous transparency, this week we’re exploring the implications of what has become a vast, free flow of information; relationship dynamics that are integral to our ability to collaborate and coexist; the eroding trust in big institutions, which then begs the question: who do we trust? And how brands are engaging consumers in ever more aspects of company and brand decision-making, trading access to their data in return for highly targeted products, services and discounts etc…

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