Pinpointing This Week: Seeds Of Change.

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For the last few weeks we’ve been focused on how the world is changing dramatically and how that’s forcing brands to rethink and reimagine the systems and processes by which they can continue to evolve. We’ve explored the bigger picture for the world at large and how we’ll continue to innovate amidst deep (and shifting) complexities to create a more sustainable future. But while we tend to focus on the big shifts taking place (hey, we’re futurists after all…) this week we’re going macro to look at some of the drivers behind the shifts, starting with income inequality.

A newly released report in June 2015 from the Economic Policy Institute, details a disproportionate rise in CEO pay since the 1970′s—at which time CEO’s made about 25% more than workers—now it’s 300%. And, contrary to what you might think, the report argues that this disparity is not “by virtue of their contribution to economic output but by virtue of their position.”

Since the late 1970s, the average CEO of a large U.S. company has seen compensation rise almost 1,000%. In 1978, CEOs earned $1.5 million a year. Now they get $16.3 million, including stock options. At the same time, average workers have seen their earnings rise just 10.9%, after adjusting for inflation. In 1978, they made $48,000; now it’s up to $53,200.” —Fast Company

In case you’re wondering, the report has some ideas for how to more equitably balance the scale, but whether or not they’ll work still remains one of our biggest challenges.




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