The Ripple Effect.

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There is no such thing as cheap. That smart phone, that new t-shirt, the juice you drink for breakfast; for every product manufactured there are wide economic impacts, one of which is the approximately 29 million slaves in the world today. Many are forced to work in the sex industry but the majority are being used in what ultimately ends up at the bottom of the corporate supply chain; sewing, farming, fishing and more, to the tune of what is estimated to be $150 billion in profit. When you consider that $88 trillion is spend per year on procurement of goods, services and commodities vs $120 million on charities that help fight human trafficking and slavery, you begin to imagine the broader impacts and responsibilities that large enterprises and corporations have toward supply accountability and transparency.

Made In A Free World have built the worlds first software that is able to determine the risk of forced labor and child slavery. Called FRDM (Forced Labor Risk Determination & Mitigation), it allows suppliers and buyers to identify hot spots in their supply chain, comparing purchase data against the FRDM database of 54,000 goods, services and commodities, then provides a real-time, customized dashboard with an actionable plan built around “strengthening vendor agreements, analyzing supplier data, and when necessary, audits.”

But ultimately we are all responsible. If you’re interested in learning your own slavery footprint (and yes, like it or not you do have one), this smart tool will help you figure it out. Not to make you feel bad, but so you can open a dialogue with brands about where their raw materials come from, and maybe help change the world.


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