Seeds Of Change: The World Has A Moral Imperative, Not An Economic One.

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Some believe (including Pope Francis in his recently released ‘Encyclical’ on the environment – which, incidentally is one of the most profound things I’ve read lately – and I read a lot), that the key to solving the world’s environmental issues is a moral imperative, not an economic one. There are two world views at work; one that is focused on satisfying our individual wants or preferences, and the other on prioritizing meeting universal human needs.

“As consumers, we are detached from the consequences of how the goods we buy are produced and delivered. As long as our desires and needs are met, the “market” is seen as mostly agnostic, even as it wreaks quite obviously havoc on our most strongly held values. Similarly, the legal cover provided by corporate law and devoid of the moral filters guiding individual action, has led to all manner of corporate behavior we might find reprehensible as individuals. Environmental woes are but symptoms of a material culture deeply out of sync with our universal values.” —Marc de Sousa Shields 

As sustainability gains serious attention and momentum, it’s clear that “executives of all industries would be smart to upgrade the ways their teams measure, analyze and innovate along the entire range of benefits and costs for which they are responsible.” This newly released report from Sustainable Brands, titled: The New Financial Metrics of Sustainable Business: A Practical Catalog of 20+ Trailblazing Case Studies highlights real world examples of how companies like Unilever, Target, Proctor & Gamble et al, are all profitably innovating for sustainability.


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