Some Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Should Care About Doing Well By Doing Good.

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Social responsibility is now at the heart of all smart business strategy and rightly so. Once the subject of questionable ROI and seen as the right thing to do rather than representing a significant growth opportunity, an exciting new review of 300 leading research studies by Sustainable Brands shows there is now abundant evidence that well-run corporate responsibility programs provide multiple benefits such as:

  • Increase market value by 4-6 percent
  • Reduce cost of equity by 1 percent
  • Increase sales up to 20 percent
  • Provide risk protection of 4-7 percent of company value
  • Increase employee productivity up to 13 percent
  • Reduce employee turnover rate by 25-50 percent.

Recent examples include Unilever, who “announced that its ‘sustainable living brands’ accounted for half the company’s growth in 2014 and grew at twice the rate of the rest of the business; Target’s Made to Matter collection has seen a 25 percent spike in sales since the launch of the program and is projected to bring in $1 billion in 2015; HP is actively using sustainable product attributes as a sales differentiator and winning hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of business based on that; JetBlue has partnered with The Ocean Foundation to try to show the economic value of clean beaches by directly tying the importance of nature to the airline’s main economic measure — revenue per available seat mile (RASM).” —Sustainable Brands.

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