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Last year, JetBlue distributed more than 5.7 million bags of TERRA Blues potato chips. This year they’ve launched a 24,000 square foot farm at the JFK Terminal that will feature 3,000 crates of potato plants, herbs and other produce. Expected to grow more than 1,000 pounds of blue potatoes per harvest, as well as house 2,000 herbs and plants—including a variety of produce such as arugula, beets, mint and basil—the project is designed to be more than a new green space; it will serve as an agricultural and educational resource for the community, highlighting where our food comes from and enhancing the customer experience.

“An airport seems like an unexpected place for a farming experiment, but what better way to explore JetBlue’s role in the food cycle than to harvest right in our own back yard at JFK?” said Sophia Mendelsohn, head of sustainability at JetBlue.

“Food grown at the T5 Farm closes the loop on food production. The harvests will help JetBlue and its partners in T5 become more self-sufficient by providing herbs and produce for use in some of the terminal’s restaurants and eateries, with the goal of blue potatoes eventually finding their way back in TERRA Blues served onboard. Items from the T5 Farm will also be donated to local food pantries. Further, in partnership with Air Ventures and Royal Waste Services, JetBlue composts many leftovers from select restaurants in T5. Air Ventures and Royal Waste Services haul nearly 300 pounds of food waste each day for composting at McEnroe Organic Farm in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Earlier this year, the nutrient rich, organic soil from the farm was then transported to the T5 Farm to grow potatoes and produce.”


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