The Path Of The Corporate Shaman And Spiritual Workplace.

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Have you brought a team together recently to contribute to solving real problems? Have you and/or your team considered the impacts upon others or the world from your decision making? Do you consistently unlock potential and inspire others to the highest limit? Have you and/or your team created something you are all proud of and deeply moved by? If you can answer yes to most or all of these questions, you are more than a change agent and innovator for greater good, you are by all accounts a kind of corporate shaman.

Shamans have a 40,000-yr old history, but the term “The Corporate Shaman“, was coined by Richard Whitley. Based on ancient traditions, a shaman uses themselves as a conduit or catalyst through which power, wisdom and energies are harnessed to promote constructive change; to embrace individuality and unique human spirit. In a corporate setting, Michael Graber believes it could be the new name for innovation and has described it as this:

“Through a set of rigorous exercises, energies are harnessed and the perceptions that are gathered are put into a new pattern, a new way of seeing, a new way of measuring value. This creative process holds true on individual, product and corporate levels. As organizations are nothing more than collections of individuals, it makes deep sense that these time-tested, powerful methods can be used to restore organizations to a sense of mission, purpose, and optimal creativity. In fact, many actual Shamanic practices can be applied to business issues and corporate cultures with great effect. For some organizations innovation is a lofty goal, for others a marketing plan, and still for others a new IT platform. Yet, real innovations – categorized as Disruptive or Breakthrough – change the world they inherited.”

Spirituality in business is not just about applying the principals to one project though, a spiritual workplace comes from a culture within organizations that provides a visionary focus that everyone can commit to and be energized by; that considers the needs of people, and the organization.



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