The Ultimate Relationship Toolkit.

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Systems thinking allows us to see the structures within complex situations and that knowledge makes it possible to get things done. Awesome. What then? Business, government and private sector are all suffering from being taught to think within conventional frameworks, but even as we open up to radical new ways of rethinking how we tackle our many issues and are able to observe the uncommon dimensions where new and unexpected connections lay, we’re still missing a link; a tool that can help pull all of this complexity together to create sustainable solutions. Sounds amazing, right? But does such a thing exist?

“Whether you call them wicked, complex, intractable, or just plain broken, our society is facing many tough issues. We can’t sit back and hope for the best.” —KUMU

Designed to tackle complex relationships head-on, KUMU is a web-based visualization platform, built by a community of influencers whose manifesto is no less than changing the world, one connection at a time. As they put it, “When it comes to relationships, your existing tools just can’t cut it anymore. Spreadsheets lack depth, powerpoint presentations are boring, and CRM’s are rigid and needlessly complicated. You need a new tool. You need a tool designed from scratch to be flexible, powerful, and fun to use. You need a tool that lives and breathes relationships.

A lofty goal but as their many clients attest, one that they amply fulfill.

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