Brands Helping Us Consume Less, Not More.

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Technology and data have traditionally been used to sell consumers more, but with everything becoming increasingly connected smart brands are using data help us consume less. Not only that, but in the future, access to our own aggregated personal data will allow us to develop a very real understanding of our levels of consumption—what we’re using, where it’s from, how much we’re consuming and the impacts on the world around us—all of which will frame our buying habits.

Research shows that 91% of prosumers and 78% of mainstream consumers have stated that they admire companies that are finding ways to help consumers waste less. Brands that deliver the great experiences we want, but also help us to reduce waste, improve our health and be more conscious of the impact our consumption has on the world around us will be rewarded with more loyalty than ever.

Take H&M for example, whose Garment Recycling Program collected 7.7 million lbs of used clothing in 2013, which was then resold as is or converted into other products. And IKEA, which turned its Facebook page into a digital flea market, letting customers resell their IKEA furniture.

“Supermarkets will deliberately sell us fewer products in smaller packages. Automotive brands will stop selling us cars and start selling us access to mobility services. Financial services brands will help us to spend less money within our means. Soft drinks brands will sell us fewer sparkling beverages. Insurance brands will charge us lower premiums based on our individual behavior, not actuarial tables. All in the interests of building the loyalty that comes from being understood and not trying to manipulate us into using more than we want or need.” —Fast Company

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