This Week: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen.

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We leave the last word of this week to our friend (and PYNKr) Maria Popova, Founder/Editor of Brain Pickings and MIT Future of Entertainment Fellow, who wrote a brilliant post on a book by rockstar physicist Brian Cox and University of Manchester professor Jeff Forshaw called,  The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does HappenIn a very literal sense it explains how everything is connected to everything within a quantum framework, but because of the human factor, therein still lies enormous complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty (all of which we discussed last week under the topic Managing Complexity).

In an excerpt from Maria’s post, she describes it as this…”At the core of The Quantum Universe are a handful of grand truths that transcend the realm of science as an academic discipline and shine out into the vastest expanses of human existence: that in science, as in art, everything builds on what came before; that everything is connected to everything else; and, perhaps most importantly, that despite our greatest compulsions for control and certainty, much of the universe — to which the human heart and mind belong — remains reigned over by chance and uncertainty. Cox puts it this way:

“A key feature of quantum theory [is that] it deals with probabilities rather than certainties, not because we lack absolute knowledge, but because some aspects of Nature are, at their very heart, governed by the laws of chance”.

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