From Disruption To Reinvention And The Sweet Spot In The Middle.

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“The world’s cities are on pace to balloon from 3.6 billion inhabitants today to more than 6 billion by midcentury. As a result, we face both a dire emergency and a tremendous opportunity. At their best, our modern cities are hubs of human connection, fountains of creativity and exemplars of green living. Yet at the same time, they suffer the symptoms of industrial urbanization: pollution, crowding, crime, social fragmentation and dehumanization.Now is the time to envision what cities can be and to transform them.” —TED Book: The New City 2.0

This excerpt from the TED book exemplifies the extreme times in which we live, but also highlights that the future holds much promise for those who wish to reinvent the future and reimagine what’s possible. According to the Curve Report, 81% of Gen X’ers and Y’s believe the past decade was about disruption and the next decade will be about reconstruction; 76% believe that 2000 to 2010 was the most disruptive decade of the past century, during which “we’ve witnessed the major pillars of society fail or be impacted.” For many a new sense of freedom and optimism has emerged with people taking charge of forging their own paths. Consider this: 81% of 18- to 24-year-olds say they’re already taking an alternative path in one major area of life. 


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