Giving Power To The People.

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Drilled into us over and over again is the mantra “we are what we eat.” But despite our best efforts to safeguard ourselves and our children from overconsumption of sugar—brilliantly underpinned by the release of last years documentary, ‘Fed Up‘ by Katie Couric & Laurie David—Neilson just released a January statement saying that the percentage of people around the world considered overweight has increased by nearly 30% over the last 30 years among adults, and 47% among children. Particularly startling is that in 1980 the numbers in the U.S for people with diabetes was 5.6 million (CDC) but has risen to three times that amount – 20.9 million (population increase notwithstanding) – in 2011.

Doing their part, in yet another smart campaign to win back the trust, hearts and loyalty of customers, Yoplait—in a similar move to McDonald’s— created a platform on their site aimed at inviting customer feedback, questions and suggestions, with one very big difference; responses have been aggregated, and based on the most important concerns to customers, have been set up on the same page as actionable items with easy to understand timelines and commitments for addressing those concerns. One of the biggest was the amount of sugar and chemical sweeteners in their yoghurt, to which Yoplait responded by reducing the sugar content in Yoplait classic and getting rid of Aspartame in Yoplait light.  Now that’s power to the people, people!

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