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We’ve been talking for years about the major challenges big businesses will face in the future and the rapidly transforming relationship of brands to customers, and visa versa. The question is how can you stay relevant and continue to appeal to an educated, more aware consumer, while building future forward initiatives on outdated business models and systems? How can you aim high while having to deliver low? This week, we’re highlighting how some of the biggest enterprises in the world are trying to do exactly that. Are they crafting perfect solutions? Not yet. Are they acknowledging how the world is changing? Yes, finally.

Some might argue that they haven’t gone far enough, or that these major corporations have only made these changes because of threats to their very existence. While both of those are certainly true, we’re choosing to laud what leaps have been made as recently as the last few days, and most importantly, to celebrate the fact that once they’re aware of how their contribution can literally change the world, there’s no turning back. So, get set to hear how brands such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Walmart, Costco and Nestle are are doing their part, and the powerful consumer voice that’s driving these changes. High fives all round!

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