Re-Imagining Government As A Modern Public Service Provider.

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There are many drivers shaping the future, and in what is now a hyper connected world with escalating decentralization of traditional power structures, unprecedented access to technology, and collaborative social systems empowering everyone as stakeholders in our collective futures, governments more than ever are under pressure to implement a new system of distributed governance that is focused on service, solutions, and collaboration. It’s hard to imagine that with 535 voting members in two houses of Congress, more than 90,000 state and local governments, hundreds of federal agents and over 20 million Americans involved in public service, that the future of government is poised to change any time soon. But, one could argue that in order to stay relevant and truly serve constituents, government as we know it will have no choice. 

So, if we think for a moment; what might government become in the next 10 years or more? What could a modern public service provider look like? William EggersDirector of Public Sector Research for Deloitte, recently created an overview of ‘Government 2020‘, which we believe amply highlights some of the mega-shifts happening that have the ability to be transformational. “Gov2020 is the culmination of an extensive exploration of the drivers that are influencing education, human services, defense, transportation, and much more.” As they describe it, “Gov2020 isn’t a crystal ball but it does pull together the best of Deloitte research and expertise from across the globe to start a discussion on what is probable, and even more importantly, what is possible.” Always a great place to start… 

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