Transhumanism And Beyond.

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In the future, instead of age representing the inevitable, not looking good will be seen as a marker for poverty or laziness, which in turn is fueling medical and healthcare innovations. According to the Institute for Emerging Ethics and Technology, “In just two decades seniors and Boomers might look in the mirror to reveal a perfectly shaped body with natural hair color, wrinkle-free skin, real teeth, perfect vision, and a mind and memory with capabilities beyond our wildest expectations.”

This image refers to an aesthetic ideal that may seem farfetched at this point, but one could argue an age of transhumanism (beyond human) is already upon us when you consider the current biofusion of technology with humans that is happening now, allowing us to transcend all kinds of physical limitations; the dead live via saline-cooling suspended animation; the handicapped walk via exoskeleton technology; and the deaf hear via brain microchip implants. Cyborg Anthropologist Amber Case, believes we are all a form of our cyborg selves right now as we rely on “external brains” (cell phones and computers) to communicate, remember, even live out secondary lives.

Will this ultimately lead to us being able to cheat death? What questions does this raise for a future in which aging slows dramatically and people live longer? If a pill showed up on drugstore shelves that was proven to reverse all signs of aging would you take it? If you were given the option at death to swap bodies for a new and improved version would you do it? Whatever we do or don’t do, we can never know, from an infinite number of possibilities, what the future has in store for us except that as we age, the options for getting younger will be abundant.


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