We’re Moving From Sales Transactions To Social Transactions.

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We’re shifting from simply closing a sales transaction to creating an on-going relationship that invites feedback, co-creation and advocacy. Social business also offers the very real potential for a disintermediation of current systems of distribution, recommendation and product innovation. Not to mention government, education and more. Interestingly, we’re seeing the amplifying effect as “audiences have audiences,” and social platforms continue to spawn new ways of micro-targeting. This offers opportunities for highly impactful micro-relevance—as long as we are able to give up full control on messaging and trust our communities to support and steer us.

Take KLM as a great example; By mid-2011, KLM was one of the first companies with a 24/7 presence on social media and their worldwide Facebook site currently has over 2.9 million fans. Probably the best known social campaign they conducted is ‘ KLM Surprise ‘, which offered passengers who checked in via Foursquare or Twitter a little gift. A high profile one was also ‘ Tile & Inspire ‘. Using a Facebook app, fans could convert their pictures into the famous Delft blue design and immortalize them forever on an airplane. A total of 120,000 profile pictures from fans from 154 different countries were created; 4,000 of these finally posted onto the side of a Boeing 777.

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