The 21st Century Youthquake Is Here.

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Lest you think that a lot of teens are apathetic, disinterested and care too much about things that don’t matter, think again. As this excerpt from a Forbes article states, “Think about it. A 17-year-old girl wins the Nobel Peace prize becoming the youngest person ever to receive the prestigious award. The cover of TIME magazine features a teenage activist in the democracy movement in Hong Kong. Vogue magazine coins a new term, featuring a generation of “InstaGirls” on its September cover.” Inspired by a roster of young speakers who’ve all started their own businesses and who want to inspire others to do the same, TEDx Teen talks have now been viewed more than 8 million times across 141 countries; and we’ve just discovered that TEDx Youth Austin will have the worlds largest number of attendees to their event this weekend.

Youths are vocal, activist, optimistic and boldly forging their own paths faster than you can say Snapchat, but not all are as visible as the group above. Take David Saddington for example, who shaped UK government policy by getting climate change on the national agenda with a media campaign that reached 3 million people, leading to him setting up his own environmental enterprise. 15-year-old Erik Finman turned a $1,000 inheritance from his grandmother into $100,000 and a thriving company that pairs students looking for work experience with interns. And Ocean Maranda, who at 17-years-old has started her own national magazine called REAL, aimed at using mainstream media and celebrity to give voice to the next generation around big social change issues. And this is merely three…




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