The Future Of Education As Learning Rather Than Teaching.

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We’re witnessing a dramatic shift in the overall direction of human endeavor, leading to the necessary decentralization and disruption of many systems, including education. As we strive for a much greater sense of self-determination, an increase in online education is facilitating an overhaul of institutional learning on a scale that is set to completely transform the ways in which we learn. The teaching model rather than the learning model is still the most predominant, but the future of education will move us beyond independent learning, to more interdependent, reciprocal systems.

Harvard + MIT have invested $60M in new MOOC ((Massive Open Online Courses). Coursera, one of the most popular, now has 1.7 million students who have registered for classes. Companies such as Skillshare and EduFire are creating platforms that pull classes from the world’s best teachers, to provide on-demand, project-based learning. Similarly, Quizlet, an online tutoring company started in 2005 by 15-yr-old Andrew Sutherland in response to his own learning difficulties, has grown from something he shared with friends, to becoming one of the world’s largest education websites, with 1.3M study sessions daily. ‘Flipped classrooms rethink traditional models of classwork and homework. In a flipped classroom, passive activities like lectures are reserved for homework, while in-class time is used for collaborative and personal interactions between teachers and students.

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