Collaboration At Work.

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This week our focus is on collaboration which is radically transforming everything from work, education, government, business and economies. As highlighted in this quick sketch Play Big Inc created for a recent project, we’ve considered how we’ve moved from an institutional structure that in the 1980′s centered around being directed to complete assigned tasks (creating elaborate hierarchies of managers); to in the 90′s-2000′s being given tools that helped us to be more individually productive (turning us into producers and increasingly “free agents). We see a shift again as a fast moving society demands that we all become creators/innovators, supported by technology that enables sharing + collaborating as never seen before across a broad range of platforms. This has given rise most recently to the emergence of ECS (Enterprise Collaboration Systems) and social learning (and doing) tools that are streamlining collaborative processes and allowing for agile management and knowledge flows.

Now more than ever there is an emphasis being placed on providing more support for peer-to-peer and collaborative networks, as legislators and drivers of the new sharing economy navigate how to regulate a decentralized landscape, while preserving the abundant opportunities it creates for self-employment. Education is rapidly evolving through technology into more personalized and dynamic learning + teaching environments. And, as a recently released website by Deloitte ( states, even the workforce of the future will be required to have a core “understanding of human motivations, and be able to engage civic and peer-to-peer networks to address social problems.” Deloitte also highlights that in the near future, government will become more of a solution enabler, operating on more collaborative and distributed governance models  and personalized service delivery.

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